The Garage Sale that Changes Lives
The Garage Sale that Changes Lives
June 6, 2018
Parent Tips
What Can A Parent Do to Avoid Having Their Child Abducted: Part 1
June 13, 2018
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What Can A Parent Do to Avoid Having Their Child Abducted: Part 2

Parent Tips

4 MORE Simple Tips that Can Save Your Child’s Life

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Last week we gave you the first four tips in this series of eight tips for protecting your child from abduction. We covered:

  • Do Not Put Your Child’s Name on Clothing or Anything
  • Check the Background of All Potential Babysitters
  • Never Leave a Child Alone in Public, Car or Stroller
  • Never Let Them Go to a Public Bathroom Alone

Here are the remaining four tips in the series. Our goal is to help minimize the victimization of children, so that, hopefully, one day the children needing healing will no longer exist; because parents have not only loved them – but protected them well.

1. Stay Vigilant and Don’t Get Distracted

While in public, it’s easy to get distracted. We see a window display with the latest fashion or technology, and we dream of it while looking too long and not paying attention to who’s around us. Or, a sudden turmoil happens and we want to know! We whip out our smartphones and start videoing everything, staring at our screen to make sure we hold it steady. Meanwhile, our child is not being watched.

Stay vigilant! When distractions happen, grab your child’s hand or take him or her out of the stroller and hold the baby while you assess what’s going on.

2. Always Accompany Your Child on Door-to-Door Activities

The school wants to do a fundraiser, it’s Halloween or your daughter is a Girl Scout and she wants to sell the most cookies. Don’t let them go alone!

Just because your child is 10 or 12, does not mean he or she can’t be abducted or abused. They are NOT old enough to fend for themselves, no matter how much they swear they are. You are the parent, not them. So, go with them, build memories they will cherish and you won’t live to regret it.

3. Have a Safety Network in Your Neighborhood with Safehouses

If something were to happen and you are not with your child, he or she needs to know what to do and where to go to be safe. Speak with moms and dads in your neighborhood and create a safehouse network. This way, if your child needs to run away from someone, he or she knows where the nearest house is they can run to for safety.

4. Keep a Current Photo and Medical Records of Your Child

Finally, in the event something were to happen and all precautions failed, be ready to provide an up-to-date photo, dental and medical records to the authorities, to ensure the best possible outcome.

No parent should ever have to suffer the loss or suffering of their child. There’s no pain in the world that can outdo this. Therefore, make sure to take these precautions. Don’t believe it can never happen to you. It may never happen. But you won’t know if it didn’t because you took these precautions and avoided it to begin with.


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