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What Can A Parent Do to Avoid Having Their Child Abducted: Part 2
June 12, 2018
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What to Teach Your Child to Avoid Being Abducted or Abused: Part 1
July 5, 2018
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What Can A Parent Do to Avoid Having Their Child Abducted: Part 1

Parent Tips

4 Simple Tips that Can Save Your Child’s Life

We live in a very dangerous world. With innovation and progress comes new ways to commit crimes. However, when it comes to child abduction, the old tried ways work best. So, what can you do to save your child, now? Let’s look at 8 tips (4 in part 1 and rest in part 2) that can make a HUGE difference!

1. Do Not Put Your Child’s Name on Clothing or Anything

A name has a way of breaking through barriers. If you were in a public place and a stranger came to you (an adult) and said your name, you would hesitate. Out of curiosity, you would come closer and trust a little. So, imagine an innocent child. If a stranger knew his or her name, they can get immediate trust for long enough to grab your child. Make it harder by not volunteering information in public.

2. Check the Background of All Potential Babysitters

You advertise for a babysitter and got several responses. The first candidate shows up looking like warm apple pie, full of love and goodness. She or he has references that are glowing! You ask your questions and he or she answers respectfully with what you want to hear. Do you hire the babysitter?

Not so fast! Keep in mind that anyone who wants a job (whether for the money or other agenda) will present him or herself as the perfect candidate. It’s up to you to look past the veneer.

Start by finding them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other popular social network. See what they post, how they comment, what they share and who they connect with. This will tell you MORE about a person than any interview.

Call the references and ask your questions. If they are glowing about the person, GREAT! But if they only acknowledge they know the person and they babysat for them in the past, be suspicious. In this sue-happy world, if one gives a bad reference, it can lead to litigation. Therefore, as many HR departments will do, they will acknowledge politely and volunteer nothing. A BAD SIGN!

3. Never Leave a Child Alone in Public, Car or Stroller

Human nature is that many believe bad things happen to the other guy or gal; not them. People read the news and think, “WOW! That’s crazy!” but believe they are insulated from the possibility of life touching them and their family.

This thinking leads many to let down their guard for just one minute. They think it’s only a minute to order the ice cream, answer the question of the nice stranger, run to the bathroom or (fill in the blank). After all, what can happen in one minute? Right?

Ask the person who missed the plane by one minute. Ask the person who called the cops and lost his or her loved one, by one minute. Ask the person who drowned, because he or she couldn’t hold his or her breath for one more minute. Life can change drastically in just one minute!

Therefore, NEVER leave your child alone, unsupervised for any length of time in public or your car.

4. Never Let Them Go to a Public Bathroom Alone

While on the topic of never leaving them alone in public, many believe if a child goes to the bathroom alone, while they wait outside, since it’s enclosed, it’s safe. Again, human nature is to think all people are inherently good; hence their child is safe. A determined would-be abductor will have thought this through and have a plan to distract you so they can slip away.

There’s also the chance they can harm the child or sexually abuse him or her while in the bathroom.

There you have the first 4 tips. These tips WILL make a difference in your and your child’s life. Do not just say, “I know that!” Please, apply them. Next week we will cover the last four tips which will complement these for a comprehensive protection plan. Stay tuned!

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