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Think Small: 7 Things You Can Do to Make A Difference from Where You Are

Think small

There are times in life where you find yourself feeling helpless. You’ve heard of an issue or seen a problem, but feel you have no way to assist. How can you make a difference? How does one help a cause when they feel as if they have nothing to offer?

Most people automatically think BIG! They want to do SOMETHING SO IMPACTFUL (raise $10,000 or more, collect tons of goods, etc.) that they feel overwhelmed and do nothing. What they fail to realize is that it’s the small things, compounded by hundreds to thousands of caring hearts, add up to HUGE support, change and making a difference.

At Rapha House International, we can speak to the importance of people who volunteer their time, funds, resources and energy to make a difference. Since the beginning, our organization has thrived on all kinds of people who decided they could do something. These people were pivotal in helping this organization grow to where it is today, and they continue to be an important piece of the puzzle in all the work being done by Rapha House.

We have old and young, near and far, any vocation and any location, step up and use their talents and passions to join the fight against injustice in combating child trafficking and sexual exploitation across the world.

So, here are a few things to help if you are stuck and don’t know how to take that step in helping an organization or cause.

1. Determine to Make a Difference

First things first, don’t ever think you can’t help or make a difference. There are things you can do right where you are to make a difference and be the change.

2. Host a Fundraiser

Have a documentary showing, host an auction, use something you’re confident in to gather people together for a common goal.

3. Be an Advocate

From churches to organizational meetings to schools, use the platform of public speaking to inform, educate and encourage a response of action.

4. Connect

Use your sphere of influence to connect and communicate with people. When groups of people begin talking about important issues, powerful things can happen.

5. Volunteer

Partner with local organizations combating human trafficking and sexual exploitation and help in whatever capacity that’s needed.

6. Donate an Item to the Auction

While you may not have the time to conduct an auction nor know how, you dusty treasures make a big difference and support. Don’ have anything laying around to donate, gift cards are always a great donation.

7. Bid on an Auction Item

Support the efforts. Find something you like and would bless you and your family, and bid on it. If you win the bidding, you’ll have made a difference and rewarded yourself for it. If you lose, your bid encouraged others to bid higher and helped raise more money for the children.

You, yes you, can help us help others. There is only one you in this world. No one has your mind or your heart. Use those things for the betterment of what’s around you.

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