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August 25, 2015
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September 8, 2015
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The Hope

Sarah is an education specialist who works with our teachers and special needs unit each summer in Cambodia. Here is an update that she had sent to us. We thought you might enjoy reading it too! Thank you for your partnership. It brings hope to the children of Rapha House!

-Stephanie Freed

Human trafficking and poverty are vicious injustices. Many times, you search for small bit of hope in the real life situations that seem so dim. You find one glimmer of hope, and hold on to it tightly. However, over the past week, hope has been the word circulating in my head as I see the changes and growth in the girls and programs at Rapha House. Not just a little slice of it, but a grand platter. Hope.

Hope is what I have feel when I observe the housemothers (some old, some new) caring for children they love; teaching them to cook, raise chickens and tend to the garden, attending therapies and music or hair cutting lessons, wiping away tears, playing the guitar and singing as the girls eat lunch, seeing their abilities over disabilities, seeing their future rather than their past.

Hope is what I feel when I observe a Cambodian teenager, in a wheelchair with significant physical and cognitive challenges receive physical therapy. I’ve seen her move her body with strength and in ways that I could not have predicted. AND she is smiling and joking as she works hard.

Hope is what I feel when I watch older girls that have moved through Rapha House’s (RH) program learn about physical therapy and help a newer sister learn to crawl, hold her head up, and stretch her body.

Hope is what I feel when I spend hours daily with another RH teen as she translates for me as her job.

Hope is what I feel when a young girl walks through the gate at RH for the first time since being rescued and she smiles.



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