August 11, 2015
Rapha House Kid's Club
Exciting Things are happening at Our Kids Club in Phnom Penh!
August 20, 2015
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Kids Club: Love-Teach-Prevent

Rapha House operates safe houses internationally for underage victims of human trafficking, but what about children who have not been victimized? How can we stop the problem before it starts?

That’s where Kids Club comes in.

“Love-Teach-Prevent” That’s the motto of our Kids Club prevention program. Kids Club reaches out to impoverished communities where children are likely to be victimized. Our Kids Club children have never been trafficked – and we want to keep it that way.

For $30 each month, Kids Club sponsors make it possible for an at-risk boy or girl to go to school and receive health services. Sponsored children also receive rice for their families and valuable education about the dangers of human trafficking.

With more than a dozen social workers, our Kids Club staff are reaching out to the communities and families with social services and anti-trafficking awareness programs. There are now more than 600 sponsored children between Phnom Penh and Battambang! By helping families, we’re keeping children safe and providing them with brighter futures.

Prevention makes sense.

How You Can Join Us

Have you already decided to sponsor a child, or would you like more information?

Just visit Kids Club Online and fill out the form. You can also simply respond to this email.

Would you like to help our prevention efforts, but can’t commit to $30 per month?

To donate to the Kids Club program in general, just visit Rapha House Online to Donate and select “Please use my donation for: Kids Club General.”

We are frequently reminded that these children are at-risk in many ways, so please pray for God’s protection for them. We also invite you to pray that sponsored children will take advantage of their opportunities to better themselves and the communities around them.


Chris Wheeler
US Program Manager
Rapha House Kids Club

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