Help Children with Diabetes, Cancer or Whom are Sexually Trafficked

Memorabilia Collage

Every year, the US Open Racquetball Championship sponsors an auction with UnitedHealthcare, to raise money for JDRF, St Jude Hospitals and Rapha House. These three amazing organizations bring hope and promise to children, by providing life-saving and life-changing research and services on diabetes, cancer and rescuing children from sexual trafficking and abuse, and creating prevention programs to stop more children from being exploited.

You can help and give yourself a gift in the process!

If you bid on an item, like the ones below, you will make a HUGE difference, while also enjoying a reward of your choosing. Choose from:

  • little boyVacations
  • Jewelry
  • Sporting goods
  • Historical memorabilia
  • Hollywood memorabilia
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Gift Cards
  • And much more!
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Thank you and God bless you!

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