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August 18, 2015
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August 25, 2015
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Exciting Things are happening at Our Kids Club in Phnom Penh!

Rapha House Kid's Club

We recently learned that the Cambodian Prime Minister’s sister was planning to visit. She wanted to see the work we do and bring gifts for all the children.

The RH Kids Club staff quickly began the preparations. We hung banners, decorated tables, and selected beautiful clothes – Khmer style of course. It looked like we were preparing for a wedding! The day arrived and the children lined both sides of the alleyway leading into Kids Club. They looked so wonderful, some in their native dress and the rest of the children in their school uniforms.

In attendance were the Prime Minister’s sister, high ranking military representatives, the provincial governor, and community leaders. This was quite an honor for our staff and for our program. We received coverage in the local newspaper, on TV, and they closed the main street for hours!.

A short history of Kids Club was given, as well as recognition of the support received from the US. It was explained that we work to prevent human trafficking. In order to be effective in this, we often times need the help and support of the local community leaders, so keeping a relationship with them is very important. When we have a child needing intervention, we need to be able to go to the village leaders in order to take the appropriate action.
The Chief of the Province addressed the audience, thanked Rapha House for our work, and expressed gratitude for the US supporters, the protection, and the help we provide for these children.

The girls from the Freedom Salon performed the traditional Blessing Dance, in traditional Khmer dress.

In a country where Buddhism is the primary religion, it is good for government officials to see what a difference Christians are making. Rapha House does not discriminate against children that do not share our beliefs. We simply show them the love of Jesus and what a difference He can make in their lives.

Rapha House could not do any of this work without God’s blessing or the support of our sponsors. There are currently more than 600 children sponsored between the two Kids Club locations. We, through our sponsors, are providing these children with hope for a better future both on earth and for eternity.

A big thank you goes out to the staff at Kids Club and the work they did to prepare for this visit, but also to the sponsors who make this work possible.
Indeed, exciting things are happening at Kids Club Phnom Penh!

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