Hope in the Darkest of Circumstances

hope in the darkest circumstances

By Dee Perconti Being a mother, when I look at a child I see perfection, innocence, love and joy.  The promise of the future in human form.  So beautiful that you want to hold, kiss and smother them with love, protection and happiness.

The Riches of Innocence


By Eddie Velez The most precious gift we have in this world is not diamonds, music, art or delectable food – it’s a child. Now, one may argue the point from the Japanese perspective, where they believe an elder is most valuable, because he or she have experience and wisdom (which takes time to acquire) to share with the young, shaping the future.

My Trip to Cambodia


By Simone Chhut Two years ago, I eagerly embarked on my journey to the “kingdom of wonder.” I had just graduated high school and was ready to see the world. Like most of my journeys, I went into it super optimistic and excited, but soon realized I would face difficulties. 

Protect Your Child from Sexual Trafficking with these Tips

child trafficking

By Jen Osgood As the International Director of Client Services for Rapha House, I get to work with a coalition of stateside organizations and law enforcement to protect all at risk and/or exploited victims. So in this capacity, I want to share some tips to help you prevent becoming a victim and protecting your children.