Planking for Rapha House #GrandpaCanPlank

By: Richard Aal, US OPEN Racquetball Player Last year at the UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Racquetball Tournament, we proved that #GrandpaCanPlank and received nearly $6,000 in pledges, and exceeded it by raising $7,100! Because I have daughters, Rapha House is near and dear to my heart. In my late twenties I through my back out helping a friend take a camper off his truck.  The back injury would crop up every few years and at the most inopportune times.  When my back went out it was a few days to recover and I was useless during that time, walking like an old man, unable to lift anything and certainly in no … Read More

How to Help A Child Deal with the Shame of Abuse?

How to Help A Child Deal with the Shame of Abuse?

By: Angie Brower, MSW, LCSW Abuse is a multi-headed animal. Each head has a painful issue that needs to be dealt with. The innocent mind of a child can’t comprehend the ramifications of what is happening to him or her; they just emotionally and psychologically react the best way they know how to protect themselves. This can lead to serious traumas affecting many aspects like trust, relationships, self-worth and more. How this is dealt with is CRUCIAL and will determine whether harm of healing occurs. Where Do You Start? At face value, I want to stress that while there are right and wrong ways to respond to a child who … Read More

Think Small: How One Small Fundraiser Made a Big Difference

think small

The owner of LuLaRoe Kristen Lefkimiotis, Kristen Lefkimiotis, is not only a successful businesswoman, she has a heart for helping people and making positive change. She is a strong advocate for children’s rights and a big supporter of Rapha House, a non-profit organization saving kids from human trafficking. In July, Kristen launched a fundraiser to support RH Kids Clubs and Safe Houses. From every item sold, Kristen donated $5 towards the organization and for each pair of leggings sold, Kristen donated a pair of leggings to Rapha House house-moms. 16 pair were donated. As a result of Kristen’s efforts, $430 was raised and 16 pairs of leggings were donated. Often in our … Read More

What to Teach Your Child to Avoid Being Abducted or Abused: Part 2

Child Tips

The Final 7 Tips for a Safer Child Read Part 1 Here>> Last week we covered the first 7 tips to teach your child safety from abduction. We covered: Never tell anyone on the phone they are alone. Never answer the door if they are alone. Never enter someone else’s home without letting you know where they are. Never get into anyone’s car without permission from YOU! Do not accept candy or any gift from strangers. Never play in deserted buildings or isolated areas. If someone tries to grab them, scream and scatter books or whatever they have. This week we will cover the final seven tips, for the complete … Read More